School Foodservice Directors are faced with many challenges today, meeting the proposed USDA School Meal Rules and the Healthier US School Meal Challenge are just a few of the hurdles Foodservice Directors are faced with.


Endura™ Premium Series

Durably constructed reach-ins, pass-thrus, roll-thrus, prep tables, milk coolers and heated cabinets with a wide variety of options such as half doors, pan racks and refrigerated drawers make it easy to design a cabinet to fit the requirements of restaurants, cafeterias, correctional facilities and many other applications.

Milk Coolers

Each Endura cooler features a powerful, large-capacity refrigeration system to quickly pull milk down to storage temperature and keep it there. Each model is ENERGY STAR® qualified for low operational cost.


Endura™ Heated Reach-Ins

Standard Features

· Stainless steel interior and exterior

· LED lighting

· 4” diameter casters

· Forced ducted air distribution maintains desired uniform temperature throughout the cabinet

· Maintains up to 200°F ensuring stored product reaches desired temperature




Walk-In Coolers & Walk-In Freezers

From a minimum 36 sq. ft. size to the more elaborate 10,000 sq. ft. warehouses, Master-Bilt walk-in coolers, freezers and combos provide the right amount of temperature-controlled space. For rapid delivery, choose a Quick Ship or 10-Bilt™ model. Ready-Bilt™ models ship factory pre-assembled and, for a custom solution, there's the Bilt2Spec™ line. 

Master-Chill models are designed to rapidly reduce food temperature to below 40°F eliminating the threat of bacterial contamination and ensuring food safety. Self-contained low profile, undercounter and reach-in models as well as larger roll-in and pass-thru models are available.


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