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for the Food Service, Bakery, Healthcare & Supermarket Industries….

Restaurant Series

Featuring a full line of multi-configurable Ranges, Bakery-depth Convection Ovens, Fryers, Salamanders and Cheesemelters - all built to the same heavy-duty quality standards that Bakers Pride has built over the years.

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*Shown with optional casters and Bakers Pride Salamander


*Shown with optional casters

Bakers Pride Restaurant Series Ranges are available in multiple configurations to meet any kitchen specification and come standard with many "best in the industry" features.    

· 40,000 BTU Burners,

· 1" thick griddle option,

· 7" Landing Ledge,

· 5 Rack positions. - Most in the Industry

· Stainless steel front, sides, landing ledge, back guard and shelf

· 40,000 BTU oven

·  Widest Variety of Cooking Chamber Sizes – includes 20”, 26”, 30” wide ovens and 15” high oven.

Heavy duty stainless steel body. Twin chrome plated Fry baskets, 6” adjustable chrome legs.

Available in Natural or LP Gas.


Must specify type of gas and elevation if over 2000 ft. when ordering.


*Shown with optional casters

Standard Features:

Fryer vessel tank: All stainless steel high quality construction, 16 gauge # 304 material.

Durable double layer access door.

Exterior is all stainless steel front, sides, door and basket hanger/flue riser.




Available as a wall, counter or range mount. Sizes from 24” to 84”.

Must specify type of gas and elevation if over 2000 ft. when ordering.



Available as a wall, counter or range mount.  

•Stainless Steel front and sides

•Welded and finished stainless steel seams

•One-piece broiler grid; chrome plated and made of heavy bar stock

•Removable rack assembly

•Adjustable, spring balanced rack

•35,000 BTU atmospheric infra-red burner

•Adjustable gas valve and continuous pilot

•Full width broiler pan


Great for Finishing Steaks; Browning Chicken; Cooking Fish Products; Re-Therming Foods; Cooking Vegetables.

Must specify type of gas and elevation if over 2000 ft. when ordering.

 Soups; Sauces; Stocks; Pasta;

Great for Contract Feeders, Caterers, Schools. Colleges and Institutions

Available Options & Accessories:

•3 Valves / 3 Ring Burner

•Jet Burner

•Wok attachment

Model:        Oil Capacity:      BTU:                          Overall Dimensions:               Shipping:

BPF-3540:    35-40 lbs,    76,000 BTU          15 ½”W x 45 ¾” H x 31” D               175 lbs.

BPF-4050:    40-50 lbs,    114,000 BTU         15 ½”W x 45 ¾” H x 30 ½” D          225 lbs.

BPF-6575:    65-75 lbs,    152,000 BTU         22 ½”W x 45 ¾” H x 34 ¼”D           305 lbs.

Model:                   Dimensions:                    Burner:                              BTU:               Shipping Wt.:

BPSP-18-2:  18W X 21D X 24H;        3 Ring, 2 Valves;          90, 000 BTU,         130 Lbs

BPSP-18-3:  18W X 21D X 24H;        3 Ring, 3 Valves;          105, 000 BTU,       135 Lbs


Freight Class: 85

Bakers Pride Gas Convection Oven - GDCO-G2

We offer a variety of gas and electric commercial convection ovens to fit your kitchen needs.

All of our convection ovens are built to last and cook food evenly and consistently. Choose from full-size or countertop convection ovens with the option to double-stack for maximum output.