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Tray Return Conveyor

Conveyor systems get your dishroom operating at peak efficiency! Available in many different configurations they are designed to transport soiled dishracks from the conveyor easily to the rack conveyor dish machine; labor saving while increasing productivity.


QuadJet Aqua-Scrubber

Master-Chill™ Series Blast Chillers & Blast Chiller/Freezers
Master-Chill models are designed to rapidly reduce food temperature to below 40°F eliminating the threat of bacterial contamination and ensuring food safety. Self-contained low profile, undercounter and reach-in models as well as larger roll-in and pass-thru models are available.


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CX20 High Temperature Single Tank Door Type Dishwasher

· Capacity is 60- 20" x 20" racks per hour or 1625 dishes per hour ƒ

· 0.72 gallons per rack ƒ

· Quad-Arm Wash System—washes faster with better results!

· INDUSTRY FIRST! Submerged booster recaptures radiant heat, saving energy and money

• Three dedicated wash cycles: Dishware, Cookware, Glassware
• Energy Star 2.0
• Extremely quiet with sound suppression lined panels. Rated at <65dB
• Built-in atmospheric booster with dedicated rinse pump provides       consistent, constant 180⁰F hot water to properly sanitize ware- no external booster required
• Only requires 70⁰F minimum inlet water temperature (110⁰F recommended).
• 30 racks per hour
• Only 0.8 gallons of water per rack
• Full stainless-steel construction inside and out for durability

CADET Undercounter Dishwasher


Outpost Sanitation Station